Kristin Scianna

Managing Director

The Role

Kristin is responsible for selecting elite advisors and teams to join Charter Oak’s network, serving as a point of entry to the firm’s advisor-centric support platform and furthering Charter Oak as a premiere destination firm for the region’s most successful financial professionals.

​The Story

Kristin Scianna has always lived life “in the arena.” Her experiences have taught her hard-learned lessons, but have been instrumental all the same: From them she has acquired both steely strength and the wisdom needed to calibrate her inner compass. Set to the north is virtue; to the south is humility; to the east is grace; and to the west is dignity. It’s not surprising that Kristin defines success by her ability to guide others in their journey to living a life of significance.

Professionally, personally, and philanthropically, Kristin leads with equal parts vulnerability and fierceness, doesn’t judge where she hasn’t stood, and never says never. Where these qualities intersect, you’ll find Kristin advocating for the role financial planning can play in protecting the financial wellbeing of families when life happens. Kristin is dedicated to leaving an imprint and creating visibility within her community to draw the necessary attention to the causes she cares about. Her belief that you can learn something from everyone you meet has helped Kristin construct a wide circle of influence, within which she plays the ultimate connector.

Kristin and her family live a quiet life in the small enclave of Woodbridge, CT.