Redefine Growth.
Redefine Possible.

Successful practitioners are
facing a moment of truth.

They’re hitting a plateau. They feel limited by a lack of resources and support.
They’re unsure how to reach their full potential, or simply cannot find enough time in the day to do it all.
We can help turn these moments of truth into moments of opportunity.

Charter Oak Financial is a growth catalyst for
emerging, established, and elite distribution partners.

Our singular focus is to provide a supportively independent practice journey that drives your success and elevates your practice beyond your—and your clients’—expectations.


Scalable, high-touch support

We care as much about seeing your practice thrive as you do. That’s reflected in the care taken to understand your business, respect for what you’ve built, and the results-driven approach used to solve your most pressing challenges, from day one to the day you retire.


Relevant industry insights

As financial professionals and business owners, we’ve seen and experienced most traditional support models. Our infrastructure is built to support what we’d want for our own practices and clients.


Powerful customer solutions

We’re relentless in our pursuit of perfection and fiercely dedicated to an optimal customer experience—for you and through you—as you serve your clients.

Eliminate limitations.
Maximize potential.

Moving forward can feel overwhelming. As a Charter Oak distribution partner, you can focus on your strengths while our strategic teams handle the rest:

Succession Planning
IT Support
Practice Management
Digital Platform
Training + Development
Transition Services
Contracting + Licensing
Data Management
Case Design
Underwriting/New Business
Design Center/Planning
In-Force Client Experience

Specialized support for
your unique practice

Different practice types have different needs that only a unique combination of resources can meet. 

For burgeoning practices: Start strong with development opportunities that carve a path for growth as protection-centric planners.

For seasoned professionals: Go from experienced to exceptional with targeted support that multiplies your practice investment.


Form, grow, align. You’ll benefit from our guidance at every step, for the life of your team.


Scale with confidence knowing we’re your partner in helping you navigate complexities and opportunities alike. .