Jack Yvon

Managing Director

The Role

Jack is responsible for the development of Charter Oak’s existing Holyoke and Latham advisors and attracting new talent to the team, while elevating the brand and expanding the firm’s regional footprint.

​The Story

Even before he had specific career in mind, Jack felt strongly that the work he eventually chose would have to be something he loved, enough so that it wouldn’t feel like work. Very few people close to him had even considered this kind of possibility; he would be blazing the path on his own.

Jack’s first post-college role—as an auditor at a national accounting firm—turned out to be the very professional grind he was hoping to avoid. While both grueling and unsatisfying, those three years also served as a reminder that success often comes from doing the things other people are unwilling to do. For Jack, he was simply unwilling to let go of his conviction that work should be something you enjoy.

The financial services world wasn’t totally new to Jack. He had interned at a firm in college, and as he plotted his next steps, he recalled how the people there were not only successful, but also, importantly, seemed happy. Armed with good experience, a good attitude and a love of meeting new people, Jack became an advisor, and was eventually tapped to assume management roles at a large insurance company before finally arriving at Charter Oak.

Today, Jack guides his advisors toward their own professional passion. He still believes in forging your own path and encourages his team members to do the same. And nothing compares to helping others succeed and achieve their goals

Even when your work doesn’t feel like work, you still need to mix it up. That’s when you’ll find Jack on the golf course, ski mountain, or with a guitar in hand while spending time with his wife and their two children.