Brad Somma 

Managing Partner

The Role

Brad focuses his role largely on the recruitment and professional development of new and experienced associates. In addition to these duties, he is responsible for Charter Oak’s sales management team and development of its professional training program.

The Story

Brad Somma’s seemingly unlikely path to the financial services business after graduating from Middlebury College—the small liberal arts school that is known more for its language programs than its economics department—proved the industry truism that you don’t find this business—it finds you.

Before the business found Brad, he was working in sports marketing at a firm he co-established. His drive and collaborative spirit had a home there, but a close friend suggested those traits could also serve him well in financial services. He himself was thriving at a large insurance company, and was sure Brad had what it took. After several introductions and careful thought, Brad felt confident that the move he was about to make was the right one. He sold out of his portion of the sports marketing firm a few weeks later and went all in.

In the 20 years since, Brad excelled as an advisor, developed his own team of advisors—including a role with his future partner at Charter Oak—before leaving to lead another firm to record growth over eight years. Brad’s return to Charter Oak in 2020 came when both firms combined, making him a head of one of the largest financial services presences in the Northeast.

Brad’s leadership path is defined by a challenge presented to him early on: You can create any opportunity by doing the things others can do but choose not to. For Brad, that means being disciplined, surrounding yourself with people who see things differently than you do, being hard on the problem and not the person, sticking to your word, and never being afraid to ask for help. Rising to this challenge has indeed created opportunity for Brad, but he’s most proud that it’s done the same for the advisors and support staff who work with him.

With two children in youth sports, much of Brad’s time outside of work is spent at rinks and fields throughout the tri-state area. He and his family—whom he counts as his biggest source of pride and greatest influence—live in Westchester.