Chris Interrante

Head of Field Management

The Role

Chris is responsible for elevating Charter Oak’s local presence through the successful growth and development of our field leadership.


​The Story

They say luck is a matter of opportunity meeting preparation. If that’s true, Chris Interrante’s stroke of career luck happened in the unlikeliest of places, in the unlikeliest of times: on a job board at the beginning of a recession.

Chris had posted his resume on that board as a college student months before getting a call to interview for an advisor role. The downturn was in full effect, making job offers sparse by the time he graduated, but that’s not why Chris accepted. Instead, he saw promise in starting a career that would let him grow his own business and help others. His first day was in June 2009.

In the time since, Chris’s eye for possibility has launched him into high-level leadership roles, where he coaches others who have stumbled on the same luck he did all those years ago. He believes equally in shared success and self-discipline, leading by example and understanding what motivates others. Ultimately, his goal is to give others the chance to find purpose and achieve better versions of themselves.

Chris is as driven outside of work as he is in his professional life. He counts travel, cooking, reading, hockey, soccer, and Formula 1 racing among his passions, second only to his family: A wife, Jaclyn, and their three children.