Deborah Rojas

Chief Integration Officer

The Role

As Chief Integration Officer, Deb focuses primarily on supporting the firm’s secure “work-from-anywhere” approach and the operational resilience of our people, technology, and data. She and her team collaborate closely with the firm’s users and partners to optimize operations and help make sense of the loads of information at their fingertips.

​The Story

It’s not surprising that Deb Rojas counts “embrace change” among the most enduring lessons of her career. Finding calm in the chaos is her specialty. It’s guided her through nearly 30 years of diverse and complex work, and has uniquely positioned her for a role that relies equally on the science of data and the art of making that data accessible to the people it’s meant to help.

The journey to this point began as many do. Deb took on every opportunity that came her way in hope that she’d eventually figure out what she wanted to be when she grew up. To her surprise, she really enjoyed seeing how the industry works. Nine licenses and a Chartered Leadership Fellow designation later—perched atop her established background in computer science and business—Deb became the resident geek, MBA, and psychologist, carving herself a niche very few women had occupied.

Deb continues to occupy that niche, spearheading Charter Oak’s efforts to marry technology and data with human behavior to create positive experiences for both the client and the advisor. Not surprisingly, she loves that her days are never the same. She revels in the resulting challenges and celebrates the successes, all the while still finding that calm in the chaos.

Deb’s professional influences are many, but her life’s influences are her family: Her parents for their pursuit of higher education; her in-laws for finding their way as immigrants to this country and making a beautiful life here; and her husband and children for inspiring her to always want to do better for them.