Keri Chiu

Director of Practice Development

Keri Chiu never passes up an opportunity to make a difference—for both herself and others.

She started in the financial services industry while still in school, working at the firm part-time to earn extra cash and add to her resume. Keri’s managers took note that their “college kid” was actually a quick study with an impressive ability to build relationships. As she explored new roles and responsibilities, a career took shape.

Eighteen years later, Keri’s love of learning and collaborative leadership style have continued to open doors for her. With five FINRA licenses under her belt and a business management certificate underway, her skills have not only helped her advance within the organization, but they have also enhanced her ability to help the firm’s advisors.

Indeed, it’s this ability to make an impact on others that Keri considers the most satisfying part of her job. She credit’s her family’s influence with her belief that the kindness you put out comes back to you, and that putting a smile on someone’s face is as important as helping them solve a problem.

A self-professed singer who prefers no audience, Keri lives in Brooklyn, New York with her parents and sister.