Noreen Colmer

Chief Operating Officer

The Role

Noreen’s work intersects with nearly every function in the firm. She oversees everything from facilities matters to contracting, ensuring Charter Oak operates as a world-class organization.

​The Story

Noreen Colmer’s parents owned a commercial refrigeration company, which her mother ran from their house and that employed Noreen and her siblings at various points of their childhoods. She has a finance degree, and worked for the SEC after college graduation. With that background, it wouldn’t have surprised anyone that Noreen found her way to financial services, but it was none of those experiences that ultimately led her to this industry.

Instead, she was inspired by her work in a hospital’s HR department, where she saw firsthand how a life insurance or disability income insurance policy kept a family in its house, gave spouses a choice to stay home or return to work, or provided an education for a child. Her conviction for protection planning led her to a local MassMutual firm, where she explored various roles until becoming Charter Oak’s Chief Operations Officer.

As COO, Noreen brings her finance and business mind to managing all things operational in a multi-state, growing organization. She continues to draw inspiration from the impact of the firm’s work.

Noreen extends her own personal impact as a board member for the PTA at both of her children’s schools, and as a volunteer with Girl Scouts of Suffolk County. She and her family live in Port Jefferson Station and can usually be found at the soccer field or on a hike.