Robert Ingber

Brokerage Director

The Story:

“At the end of day, all we really have is our reputation.”

Robert lives by this statement and has spent nearly 40 years in the business making a positive impact on those in need of financial guidance.

Of course, as a child he had big dreams; he dreamed he would become a pro hockey player for the New York Rangers. In reality, he became a different kind of teammate. A Captain in the army before his time with Charter Oak Financial, he has brought his ability to seamlessly mobilize people to the organization.

Inspired most by his father, he worked hard and earned a degree in Economics from University of Albany. Unfortunately, he lost his parent at an early age. So early, they had not had time to save for funeral expenses or purchase life insurance. This brought severe financial hardship to his family. Robert now works to make sure this is not the experience of any other family.

Passionate for his former work Robert is still a member of the Valencia Cay Veterans Club, and in his free time, he enjoys leisurely hobbies like pickleball, golf, and cycling.